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1987. Retaliation

is the second album by band Carnivore.
Soon after their second album was released, the band broke up and Peter Steele formed a new band called Subzero, which would later be renamed Type O Negative.  

This album is the perfect showcase of Pete Steele’s sick sense of humor coupled with the band’s ability to thrash out high-test, super-aggressive metal in a form that is both powerful and hilarious. From the orchestrated insults against Catholic school and a repressed childhood in “Angry Neurotic Catholics” to the primal energy (and incredible bass work) in “Sex and Violence”, every song on this album is of the type you want to crank up to eleven when you have neighbors you want to aggrivate. The song “Jesus Hitler”, the story of a reincarnation of the Nazi leader and the Christian messiah,  Pete Steele can SCREAM, too. His “NOTHING CAN STOP THE PAIN” in “Inner Conflict” is amazing.